Saturday, April 30, 2011


Q Pop would like to express it's gratitude to everyone who helped or donated artwork for our fundraiser to help Japan. It was such a big success for us.
Our shop has only been open for about 6 months....and we're definitely a small shop...but we managed to raise $9000 total for the evening...Amazing!!!
I also want to stress that we are NOT bragging....this is not our intent for posting the amount. We just wanted everyone to know where their money is actually going I have documented the writing and sending of the check.
After a very long deliberation period, we finally decided to donate to Give2Asia. Located in San Francisco, they funnel the funds to Japanese NPO's currently working and giving aid in Japan. It does NOT go to Red Cross who has come under some scrutiny after their notorious delays and overhead costs.
The capper to all this that we may double this amount soon!!! We'll keep you posted!!

5-4-2011 So it's true. We've officially DOUBLED our donation amount. Thanks to Lauren Faust and her My Little Pony original artwork that she donated...we've brought the total up to about $20,000!!! Thanks again sooo much to those that donated and bought pieces.