Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Ham Ba Ga Show ( JUNE 25)

Our next event is coming up everyone. It's on Saturday, June 25, 2011. 7PM-11 PM.
It's going to be an orgy of art, food and music.
Please don't miss it!!
New work from over 30 artists!! Including but never limited to: Junko Mizuno, Kevin Dart, Elizabeth Ito, Mari Inukai, Yoko Nomura, Pakoto, Robert Ryan Cory, Casey Alexander, Dan Krall, Justin Thompson, Hideyuki Tanaka, Patricio Oliver, Luca Tieri, Glenn Harmon, Andrew Erekson, Nagi Koyama, Jeff Ranjo, Amelie Flechais, Pete Oswald, Jeni Yang, Mayumi Tanaka, Martin Hsu, Pico Pico, Victoria Ying, Riki Takaoka, Nana Aoyama, Jeff Turley, Clio Chiang, Becky Dreistadt, Michelle Romo(Crowded Teeth), Andy Gonsalves, Sean Gallaway, Patrick Awa, Brian Kesinger, Hellen Jo, Kali Fontecchio, Tara Whitaker, Tara Billinger,Nico Colaleo, Leo Matsuda, Fawn Veerasunthorn, Joe Pitt, and more!!

Tune in Tokyo will be on hand spinning some excellent tunes...of course. Greg, Del and the gang never disappoint.

And the Pie N' Burger truck will be here to satisfy all your hamburger needs. You heard right. THAT Pie N' Burger. Definitely come hungry!!! Did I mention pie...YUM!!

We'll also have new shipments from Swimmer and Sex Pot Revenge....so be prepared.

We'll also have a limited edition T-shirt designed by Junko Mizuno specifically for the show. Come early to make sure you get the size you want. Supply is limited. We'll post pics of it soon..It pretty much rocks which is a given when Junko is involved.

Hope to see you all soon!!

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