Saturday, April 30, 2011

Q Pop Help Japan Fundraiser

Less than a week after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, Q Pop held it's fundraiser/art auction in conjunction with our friends at Tune In Tokyo.
It was a great evening of amazing artwork donated from over 100 artists(including but not limited to: Chris Reccardi, Elizabeth Ito, Junko Mizuno, Irene Yuen, Nagi Koyama, Yoskay Yamamoto, Mari Inukai, Patrick Awa, Lynne Naylor, Michelle Romo, Jeni Yang, Bob Logan, Casey Alexander, Kali Fontecchio, Lou Romano, Lauren Faust, Craig Mccracken, Justin Thompson, Dan Krall, Phil Rynda, Brianne Drouhard, Becky Dreistadt, Paul and L. Rudish, Alex Kirwan, Jeff Ranjo, and many others!!) and great music spun by dj's Greg Hignight, Del Martin , Tora, Ally and Leet!! There was also some really moving live music performances from Dig Jelly and Stephanie Yanez. And good food donated by It's Thai and NAGI!!. Artwork and other donated products will continue to be sold in the store to raise money for the victims of the tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan after the auction so please come by and buy something and help out!!


  1. Come on man, you have let the people know your having an event before you throw it. This is the second time I missed out.

  2. Sorry Chris!! We organized this fundraiser in less than a week and we didn't send out invites in the usual fashion. We're sorry if we missed you. It won't happen again. Our next event is on June 28th...and you're the first to know about it!! Come and join us!!

  3. CRAIG MCCRACKEN had stuff there? Yeah, I'm officially dead bummed I didn't get to go :(