Saturday, October 31, 2015

Doraemon: Fujiko Fujio Tribute Art Show Opening

Doraemon: Fujiko Fujio Tribute Art Show 7/25/2015 - 8/16/2015
The Opening night of Doraemon Tribute show was so much fun !!! Thanks to all artists and Q POP/Q2 customers who joined us that night.
Here are some pictures from the event:
 Dorayaki!!! Doraemon favorite snack :)
 Say Hello to Doraemon !!!

 Miss Kaka

 Chris, Alina & Arut

 Chris , Miki & Dave Smith(Pea Body & Sherman Show runner!!)
 Chris Mitchell with Ninja Hatori Tee!!!
 Special Guest! 

 Evon Freeman!
 Riyoko with her piece..
 Messy Pink - Kawii :)
 Jocelyn Liang & her piece
 Naoshi with her piece (Sand on Art board) !!!
 Doraemon Ramune...Yum!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sound + Vision: Album Cover Art Show 3-21-2015

Fast approaching on March 21, Q Pop 2 will have it's Album Cover Art Show. Artists are asked to create original album cover art from any album of their choice. Any musical genre....any art style. They are asked to ignore any previously created cover art and basically pretend they are designing the jacket for the very first time.
In recent years....with digital downloads becoming more popular.....the importance of Album art has declined in popular culture. But album covers can describe and inform...and of course contained within. At their best...they become inseparable from the music.

Q Pop will also be creating a playlist of selections from albums picked by the participating artists.

Here's our selection of some great album cover designs to inspire !! Enjoy!!