Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Konatsu Negora & Medicom Toy pre-orders !!


The first batch of Medicom figures trickled in a few weeks ago.......The guys at Bear Model are on a roll!!!...
As soon as the we think we're caught up....a new batch pops up...whew!!
These sofubi are super sweet though....with nice paint and solid feel.
4 new figures plus some Japan only exclusives in store only....including a couple of Kikaida figures...

Speaking of getting caught seemed like it's been a while since we had our last Negora in the shop (our exclusive Hyoka version...which is now SOLD OUT)
So it's about time we had some new ones coming....AND we we have some!!!
Seems like Konatsu's on a roll too!!
We also have her new art book in very limited supplies coming in.


Based on the character from the popular children's sitcom and the first to feature the friendly monster Booska. Produced by Tsuburaya Production in 1966.


Based on the character from the popular children's sitcom and the first to feature the friendly monster Booska. Produced by Tsuburaya Production in 1966.
Chamegon appeared in Episode 26th  "Chamegon Birth" and others

UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER ( animation version ) 
Based on the popular and influential Super Robot by Go Nagai.
Double Harken! Anti-gravity storm! Space Thunder!

From classic anime show Mazinger Z (1972) -episode 13 "Devil's Giant Spin Attack"
Kikaijyu Gorongo S2 is one of the foes of super robot Mazinger Z!


Here are the new Konatsu figures!!

All the Konatsu figures are available here:
Negora ( Sham version)
Negora ( Yukimurasaki) 
Megora ( Yukimurasaki)
Shibara ( Yukiasagi)
Mamera ( Yukiasagi)
Negora ( Yasha GID)
Shibara ( Getsuya GID)

All figures are expected to arrive early 2014....Sham is coming very soon....but is the most limited...
We'll also have some cool Lucky Cat capsule toys.....and Konatsu's 40 page artbook collecting many of the cards featured in the box art...

*Please note: we are working on our shipping rates. Some customers may get overcharged for shipping in our system, depending on what country they live in, etc... If there is excess shipping charged we will adjust for accurate shipping and handling charges. Sorry for the inconvenience while we get this straightened out.
Thank you for your support.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

TOKUSATSU 2 : Japanese Sci Fi Art show #2 / Revenge of the Kaiju

Thanks to everyone who came out to our opening for Tokusatsu 2. It always means a lot to us and we really appreciate the support.
Here at Q Pop, I always try to put together extremely high quality group shows. This one is no exception and I think it's one of the best shows we've had. I'm always proud when the pieces come rolling in and they exceed expectation.
To be honest, there are a lot of pop culture group shows happening all over town...all over the country...and they're usually a bit spotty as far as quality goes. I knew from the very first show that , as an artist myself, I wanted to get artists who have unique perspectives and approaches to the subject material. And also artists that have tremendous draftsmanship and design skills. Our shows run the range from very detailed traditionalists, to very stylized flat simplified design work. I'm a fan of both and this show reflects a range that is wide....and yet somehow manages to fit together in a way that was unintentional.
The show will still remain hanging until (officially) Nov. 30. Please stop by and check out the works in person.

All pieces are currently available in the Q Pop webstore here:

Here are a few more samples of artwork..

Here are some event pics and coverage thanks to our friends at Vinylpulse!!! Thanks Kristoffer & Jack!!!

THIS SAT!!! TOKUSATSU 2 : Revenge of the Kaiju (Japanese Sci Fi Art Show)

“Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju”
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 16, 2013, 7pm-10pm
Runs November 16th through December 1st

art by Konatsu
Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju” is the second annual celebration of the Tokusatsu genre and comes in time to help mark the third anniversary of Q Pop Shop opening its doors in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, CA. On Saturday, November 16th, the gallery will open its doors from 7pm to 10pm for an opening reception and the show will end on Sunday, December 1st.

Originating from the words tokushu satsuei (迚ケ谿頑聴蠖ア special photography) this genre is known for utilizing various special effects. For those of you who grew up watching shows such as Godzilla, Ultraman, Kikaider, as well as many others, this is a great opportunity to celebrate your favorite shows and characters. For those of you who are less familiar with this genre, this is a great opportunity to get to know this amazing and influential genre of film and TV. Those less familiar might not even realize they have grown up with the shows, such as Super Sentai that was adapted for US audiences and well known as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Q Pop has always strived to showcase the work of local and international artists, as well as artists of many different mediums and this show is no different. From traditional works to sunae (sand art), metal sculptures to needlefelting, plushes to wearable art, emerging artists to reknown artists, Q Pop hopes to expand what people view as art and introduce them to those they may not have heard of yet with all our group shows.

Participating artists include:

Aaron Haynes
Aaron Spurgeon
Alex Kirwan
Andy Bialk
Angela Pauly Llobet
Angela Sung
Avner Geller
Bernie Petterson
Bryan Newton
Bryan Wong
Carson Catlin
Chris Sasaki
Christopher Mitchell
Ciro Nieli
Dan Thompson
Douglas Gauthier
Drake Brodahl
Eddie Xu
Evon Freeman
Felix Ip
Guillermo Real
Heejin Park
Hine Mizushima
Ian Abando
Jasmin Lai
Jeff Ranjo
Jeffrey Lamm
Jisoo Kim
Joey Chou
Kassandra Heller
Keika Yamaguchi
Keiko Murayama
Kenard Pak
Kevin Dart
Kevin Sukho Lee 
Kyle Carroza 
Leo Matsuda 
Lindsay Smith
Louie Del Carmen 
Luca Tieri
Magen Mitchell 
Maria Vitan 
Mark Nagata
Mark Taihei
Martin Hsu
Marty M. Ito 
Maximus Julius Pauson
Michael Fleming
Michelle Park
Mike Bear 
Mike Yamada
Mingjue Helen Chen 
Nathan Stanton 
Nikolas Ilic 
Oliver Akuin 
Patrick Awa
Priscilla Wong
Rie Koga 
Riki Takaoka
Robert Iza 
Ruriko Maruyama 
Sah Tantivaranyoo
Shojono Tomo 
Siccaluna Koubo 
Stephanie Ramirez 
Tara Billinger 
Tatsuro Maruyama 
Teerawat Palanitisena
Timothy Lamb 
Tony Siruno
Tuna Bora 
Yoko D'Holbachie
Zach Bellisimo

and many more...

You can view the entire show and purchase here:

There will be refreshments and also Kaiju worthy meat buns, gyoza, and shumai courtesy of

Nikuman-ya. Come hungry!!

There will be a Kaiju costume contest with amazing prizes given to the best homemade Kaiju suits.

Tokusatsu tunes by DJ Garada K7

Tokusatsu shows will be screening

art by Luca Tieri

Q Pop Shop and Gallery
128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
phone: 213-687-QPOP(7767)
Mon-Friday 12PM – 10PM
Sat 12PM – 11PM
Sun12PM – 9PM

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A New batch of vinyl figures are up for pre-order in the web store.......
As usual....these are PRE-ORDERS...and are expected to arrive at a later date. On some occasions they arrive even later than the expected arrival date so just keep that in mind.

AND...we also have begun to carry some rare Siccaluna Koubo figures. Most of these are toy show exclusives and are super limited in if you like em..Please get em fast!!
We plan to get toys from them regularly so also keep a look out for new ones.
All are availble for purchase in the Q Pop webstore.

Mazinger Z ( Original Version Early Form)
Based on the popular and influential Super Robot by Go Nagai.
Produced in cooperation with Dynamic Planning /Vision8 for the Go Nagai Project and Devilman/ Mazinger Z 40th AnniversaryModeled by Bear ModelApplied classic color style!!Breast Fire shape is in original early form!Includes special header card reminiscent of the original 1972 toys!!
Height: 9.8 inchesMaterial: Soft VinylYear: 2013
* Scheduled to arrive January 2014. Please note that this is a pre-order and occasionally there are delays

GETTER 1 ( Anime Version) 
Getter Robo, created by manga legends Ishikawa Ken and Go Nagai, is the very first combining robot with a team dynamic.
Produced in cooperation with Dynamic Planning  
Modeled by Abe Toru
Applied animation color style!!

Height: 9.8 inches
Material: Soft Vinyl
Year: 2013

* Scheduled to arrive January 2014. Please note that this is a pre-order and occasionally there are delays.

HILDA ( Toei Movie Series)
Beautifully handcrafted soft vinyl figure..depicting the main girl from Horus: Prince of the Sun (太陽の王子 ホルスの大冒険). 

HORUS (Toei Movie Series) 
Beautifully handcrafted soft vinyl figure..depicting the main hero from Horus: Prince of the Sun (太陽の王子 ホルスの大冒険). 
Sculpted, cast, and painted by hand......Very rare.
This figure comes with a necklace that is exclusive to people who buy direct from Siccaluna. ...usually they are not included.

DEVILMAN ( Anime Version)


BLACK OX (moonlight version)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MONKEY KING: Artwork inspired by Journey To The West.....Sept.28-Oct. 13

Q Pop is so pleased to organize an amazing show dedicated to the Monkey King .

For those of you who don't know who the Monkey King is....he's one of the most popular and famous chinese cultural icons.
Sun Wu Kong, as he's known in chinese, is the main character of one of the oldest novels in China, Journey To The West. He's been the subject of countless films, comics, animation, and operas.
Recently, Jamie Hewlitt and Damon Albarn of Gorillaz fame, fashioned a stage version.

You can still check out and purchase works online here:

Here's a preview of some of them..