Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opening Art

Sorry again for the delay in posts. I'm going to try to get good about posting regularly. In the last post I mentioned the Grand Opening Party and how much fun it was....but I didn't really get to show much of the art that was in the show. We were so lucky to have the participation of some of the most amazing artists from the gallery world and the animation world. Some of the pieces are still available online in our webstore..please check them out here:
Here's a little sampling ..

One of the most influential japanese artists in the past decade, Junko Mizuno, created this piece and infused it with symbolism from our shop.... Sweet Gouache painting from New Zealand illustrator Becky Dreistadt the tiny deer...cute!!

Very cool diorama illustration from Bob Logan....Dreamworks animation artist who has worked on the Simpsons and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!!...

Excellent pen and ink art from Casey Alexander, emmy nominated story artist on Spongebob Squarepants....
Incredible painting by internationally known Hiroyuki Matsuura, creator of the Windy Bunny doll....

The amazing Kevin Dart(he did the mural in our shop!!)...creator of Yuki 7 did this wonderful digital piece..

A fantastically cute piece from Victoria Ying(she worked on Tangled)The uber talented Elizabeth Ito( she painted the mural on our outside wall)
Shibuya Girls Pop artist Eimi..absolutely one of my favorites..never afraid to use the pink!!
Japanese artists Naoshi...another's made out of sand!! seriously....and we have more of her cards and goods in stock ......

and we had many more in the show..over 50 in fact!!!
including Shibuya Girls Pop artists: Shinjuko, Hiroshi Mori, Nana Aoyama , Kaiyo Tamaishi, Ra'yka, Nico, Keiko Ogawa, Anne Imai, Sayaka Iwashimizu, Yuki Takahashi, Marrontic
as well as featured artists Mari Inukai, Phil Rynda, Hideyuki Tanaka ( creator of Super Milk Chan), Minifanfan, Chris Ure, Andrew Erekson, Valerie Nunez, Paul Rudish, L. Rudish, Warren Leonhardt, Anna Chambers, Mayumi Tanaka, Anders Arhoj, Aurore Damant, Cody Cameron, Yoko Nomura, Jeff Ranjo, Robert Ryan Cory, Nagi Koyama, Shin Imanaka, Luca Tieri, Chris Sasaki, Michael Yamada, Doug Gautier, Pete Oswald, Irene Yuen, Riki Takaoka, Dave Bleich,
and Justin Thompson!!! whew!!

Thanks to all of them for creating food for imagination!! and helping us celebrate our opening..

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