Sunday, August 3, 2014

Q POP x Konatsuya Dai Kaiju Exhibition Openning night & Signing

Q Pop had an opening night reception for Konatsuya Dai Kaiju Exhibition on Sat June 28th 2014.
(Konatsu's first Exhibition in the U.S.A.) She invited her artist friends from Japan to do custom painted versions of her figure "Negora". Those talented friends included : Devilrobots, Keiko Miyata, Kenji Fukuda, Nekonoko, Noriya Takeyama, Rampage, Shimomoku, Touma, Yoko Sueyoshi, Yumi Moriwaki, T9G, Koraters, and Dream Rockets.

From the USA side Q Pop invited artists who did more custom painted Negoras to welcome Konatsu.
The U.S. artists included: 64 Colors, Amy Sol, Paul Kaiju, Paul Shih, Sket One, Luke Chuen, Squink, J RYU, Becky Dreistadt, Keiko Murayama, Victoria Ying, Jeff Ranjo, Miss Kika, Patrick Awa, Chris Mitchell, Tara Billinger, Fawn Veerasunthon, Magen Mitchell, Jeremiah Ketner, Mari Inukai, Lissa Treiman and Zach Bellisimo.

At the opening night party, Konatsu did 3 Live painting pieces and ,of course,  many people wanted to get them. Konatsu decided to do 3 more pieces the next day, Sun Jun 29th., during her signing.
For the signing, believe us, it not just a regular signing , Konatsu hand drew her Negora, Shibara & Kyubiros well as fan requested characters...AMAZING!!! It was only because of time that she could only can take 30 people for the signing.

We want to thank everyone who came to welcome her and made her first US visit a huge success.









More pictures from Vinylpulse :

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