Sunday, May 18, 2014

Q Pop X Konatsu......June 28, 2014

Chatora Negora

We're very excited to welcome Japanese artists Konatsu to Q Pop for her first U. S. exhibition.

For those of you who don't know who Konatsu is...she created the very popular cat kaiju figure Negora.  First for Max Toy....and recently, her own version.

The opening reception will be on June 28. 

Konatsu will be attending and she'll be bringing a slew of hand painted customs with her.

We'll also have guest artists painting up Negoras....

Artists include: 

Amy Sol
Paul Kaiju
Keiko Miyata
Jeremiah Ketner
Dream Rocket
Bwana Spoons
Paul Shih
Noriya Takeyama
Miss Kika
Victoria Ying
Luke Chueh
Sket One
Mizna Wada
64 Colors
Joey Chou
Patrick Awa
Miles Thompson

and many more!!

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