Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Shibara...Kuroshiba....and also mini negora & shibara blindbags....from Konatsuya

Just Arrived!!!....in stock now!!
The newest colorway of Negora's rival and canine counterpart, Shibara. Designed by the amazing Konatsu.
This "Kuroshiba" is a beautiful black version with red collar. Woof!!
As usual these are extremely limited...so we suggest you order pronto...as they will be gone gone gone!!

available here:

Even more limited.....we also got a batch of Migora and Mamera in.
These are basically little mini Negoras and Shibaras. They come in a "blindbag" so you won't know what you get until you open it. These were made for Superfest in Japan and we were able to score some leftovers....which is why they are way limited...so get em while you can!!

available here: 

if you like Konatsu.....we just put her amazing piece from the Go Nagai Tribute art show online...

available here: 

All of this stuff and more  is available in our webstore.....

Thanks for your support guys!!

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