Monday, May 27, 2013

This SAT* - DEVILS & ROBOTS: A Tribute to GO NAGAI

This Sat, June 1, 2013, Join Q Pop for this very special event and show celebrating one of the most influential and popular "GODS" of manga, GO NAGAI!!
Go Nagai is credited with creating the Super Robot genre and for designing the first mecha robots piloted by a user from within a cockpit with Mazinger Z. He is also credited with introducing sex into japanese comics.
Go Nagai has also been credited with starting the "magical girls" genre which would evolve into Sailor Moon and similar titles.
He is best known in the US for creating Cutie Honey, Devilman, and Mazinger Z in the 1970s. Many of the other robots in the Mattel line of toys, Shogun Warriors,  were his creations.
In Japan he has had many more popular titles and anime/tokusatsu shows based on his creations.
Always controversial, Go Nagai has pushed the envelope for comics in Japan inspiring countless talent afterward.

Over 60 artists will contribute to the show. Some of the animation industry's heaviest hitters as well as illustration and fine arts professionals and indie toy makers.
Artists from Pixar, Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and more.....and artists from the US, Japan, Italy, the UK, Canada!!

Contributing artists:

Alan Wan
Alina Chau
Bobby Pontillas
Brian Flynn
Brianne Drouhard
Bryan Newton
Bwana Spoons
Carrie Liao
Casey Alexander
Cheyenne Curtis
Chris Sasaki
Christopher Lee
Ciro Nieli
Crowded Teeth Michelle Romo
Dan Bob Thompson
Dave Savage
Denny Khurniawan
Don Shank
Doug Gauthier
Eunice Kim
Fawn Veerasunthorn
Felipe Smith
Gabe Swarr
Glen Murakami
Graham Annable
Heejin Park
Hideyuki Tanaka
Israel Sanchez
Jack Teagle
Jasmin Lai
Jeff Ranjo
Jerome Dabos
Jorsh Pena
Josh Herbolsheimer
Junko Mizuno
Katia Grifols
Keiko Murayama
Kenth Toy Works
Kevin Chan
Kevin Suhko Lee
Kinoko Evans
Leo Matsuda
Louie Del Carmen
Luca Tieri
Mark Nagata
Marty Ito
Martin Ontiveros
Michael Fleming
Mike Bear
Mikkel Sommer
Patrick Awa
Paul Kaiju
Paul Shih
Robert Iza
Santino Lascano
Sean D'anconia
Sean "Cheeks"  Galloway
Shannon Tindle
Sheldon Vella
Shiyoon Kim
Sho Murase
Stephan Franck
Stephanie Ramirez
Tar Billinger
Tatsuro Maruyama
Tea Wei
Tony Siruno
Valerio Ventura
Warren Leonhardt
Yoko D'Holbachie
Yukinau Takashima
Yumiko Kayukawa
Zach Bellissimo
Zoe Moss
...and more..of course...

food truck


handmade sweets

Screening of clips from Go Nagai programs

DJ Garada K7 spinning the best theme music from the golden age of Robot shows.

Please come dressed as your favorite Go Nagai character....Kabuto Koji, Dr. Hell, Baron Ashura, Cutie Honey???? Who will it be?

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