Friday, October 12, 2012

New Sunguts figures have arrived....

Very limited quantities of Sunguts' latest run of Shigeru Mizuki figures have arrived in the shop. These were done for the last exhibition at One Up in Akihabara,  "Vinyl Retsuden Bizarre Cartoon." The series is Sunguts' effort to try and "make enjoyable to people not familiar with the comics".

For those of you NOT familiar with Shigeru Mizuki...shame.!! :)
He is possibly the last living "GOD" of manga. A peer of Tezuka and other giants, Mizuki concentrated on Yokai and popularized many characters from traditional japanese horror. A survivior of WWII, his wartime comics are also intense and truthful and his personal stories addressing the wartime atrocities and his own personal experiences as a P.O.W. and also the loss of his arm helped cement him as one of the great comics storytellers. He is most known for creating the popular character Gegege no Kitaro. A one eyed spirit boy who fights for the coexistence of yokai and humans.

All figures are also available in our webstore here.

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