Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello from Q Pop!!!!
Thank you to everybody who came to the Tokusatsu event on Sep 15th... especially artists and friends who always  support us...
The event was such a huge success!! We had over 550 people and many were in super cool custumes!!!
Here are some pictures from the event...please enjoy...

Q Pop staffs are preparing almost all night of the 14th (hanging artwork) & all day on the 15th until 6pm

Almost time!!!just need a little touch to make it a perfect show :)

Out side atmosphere before the fun starts!!!  What was behind that black cloth..?? exciting !!!

A little VIP register table  and our shop girl !!!

Jeff Ranjo & friend at the VIP time...checking out cool pieces!!!

Bob Logan, Lincoln Kamm, Chris Garbutt at VIP....

VIP customers were checking out stuff as we frantically put the finishing touches on things.

Mark from Mebeon was setting up the live event web feed..check them out here and everybody who missed the event  you can still check out our live event here was interviewing Q Pop's owners.........

Awesome homemade Amazon suit.

The party started!!!
 Dr. Lucas and Irene....

View from the ceiling...that first shirt designed by Chris Mitchell - Mido Baron (Green Man)

Zach Bellisimo taking pics of Giant Baltan Seijin

Wow!!! more than 100 pieces are fit on Q Pop's petite walls

 Kaiju invade Q Pop!!!

This was behind that black cloth... How fun!!

 Ultra Mama of the house!!!

Mollis the shop girl

 Sean D'anconia and Miki!!!

 Patrick Awa, Aki Morishima, Luc Desmarchelier and Miki
Chris Mitchell, Kevin Dart, Elizabeth Ito, and Miki

Amanda Visell getting the kisses.

Amanda, Miki, and Michelle Valigura

Kaiketsu Lionmaru!!! Handmade costume by Pamela!!
Look at the awesome!!

Q Pop x Lionmaru

Homemade Mecha Gojira by Austin Salmi!!!
That's some costume making love.

Sexy Rider and Ultraman Sexy......cousins from another planet.

 Special appearance by  L.A.'s first tokusatsu hero.....Fujiyama Icihiban!!!

And The winner is!!!!

Mecha Gojira..1st place
Kamen Rider....2nd

Heroes unite!!!wait...who's that sexy green girl next to the sexy cousins?


 The ubertalented Kevin Dart, Bob Logan, and Yuki 7

 Hey finally got that interview...Sorry for the wait!

Kevin Sukho Lee, theremin genius, buying some kaiju!!!

F U Brothers unite!!!

Toy Twins


  1. Thanks for posting these awesome images! I was in costume (as Kaiketsu Lion-Maru) during the event, so it was very difficult for me to see or hear anything that was happening. Still had loads of fun!