Saturday, November 23, 2013

THIS SAT!!! TOKUSATSU 2 : Revenge of the Kaiju (Japanese Sci Fi Art Show)

“Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju”
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 16, 2013, 7pm-10pm
Runs November 16th through December 1st

art by Konatsu
Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju” is the second annual celebration of the Tokusatsu genre and comes in time to help mark the third anniversary of Q Pop Shop opening its doors in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, CA. On Saturday, November 16th, the gallery will open its doors from 7pm to 10pm for an opening reception and the show will end on Sunday, December 1st.

Originating from the words tokushu satsuei (迚ケ谿頑聴蠖ア special photography) this genre is known for utilizing various special effects. For those of you who grew up watching shows such as Godzilla, Ultraman, Kikaider, as well as many others, this is a great opportunity to celebrate your favorite shows and characters. For those of you who are less familiar with this genre, this is a great opportunity to get to know this amazing and influential genre of film and TV. Those less familiar might not even realize they have grown up with the shows, such as Super Sentai that was adapted for US audiences and well known as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Q Pop has always strived to showcase the work of local and international artists, as well as artists of many different mediums and this show is no different. From traditional works to sunae (sand art), metal sculptures to needlefelting, plushes to wearable art, emerging artists to reknown artists, Q Pop hopes to expand what people view as art and introduce them to those they may not have heard of yet with all our group shows.

Participating artists include:

Aaron Haynes
Aaron Spurgeon
Alex Kirwan
Andy Bialk
Angela Pauly Llobet
Angela Sung
Avner Geller
Bernie Petterson
Bryan Newton
Bryan Wong
Carson Catlin
Chris Sasaki
Christopher Mitchell
Ciro Nieli
Dan Thompson
Douglas Gauthier
Drake Brodahl
Eddie Xu
Evon Freeman
Felix Ip
Guillermo Real
Heejin Park
Hine Mizushima
Ian Abando
Jasmin Lai
Jeff Ranjo
Jeffrey Lamm
Jisoo Kim
Joey Chou
Kassandra Heller
Keika Yamaguchi
Keiko Murayama
Kenard Pak
Kevin Dart
Kevin Sukho Lee 
Kyle Carroza 
Leo Matsuda 
Lindsay Smith
Louie Del Carmen 
Luca Tieri
Magen Mitchell 
Maria Vitan 
Mark Nagata
Mark Taihei
Martin Hsu
Marty M. Ito 
Maximus Julius Pauson
Michael Fleming
Michelle Park
Mike Bear 
Mike Yamada
Mingjue Helen Chen 
Nathan Stanton 
Nikolas Ilic 
Oliver Akuin 
Patrick Awa
Priscilla Wong
Rie Koga 
Riki Takaoka
Robert Iza 
Ruriko Maruyama 
Sah Tantivaranyoo
Shojono Tomo 
Siccaluna Koubo 
Stephanie Ramirez 
Tara Billinger 
Tatsuro Maruyama 
Teerawat Palanitisena
Timothy Lamb 
Tony Siruno
Tuna Bora 
Yoko D'Holbachie
Zach Bellisimo

and many more...

You can view the entire show and purchase here:

There will be refreshments and also Kaiju worthy meat buns, gyoza, and shumai courtesy of

Nikuman-ya. Come hungry!!

There will be a Kaiju costume contest with amazing prizes given to the best homemade Kaiju suits.

Tokusatsu tunes by DJ Garada K7

Tokusatsu shows will be screening

art by Luca Tieri

Q Pop Shop and Gallery
128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
phone: 213-687-QPOP(7767)
Mon-Friday 12PM – 10PM
Sat 12PM – 11PM
Sun12PM – 9PM

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