Wednesday, July 10, 2013

* NEW ARRIVAL---- NEGORA ( Hachiware version) in webstore now!!

Up from the depths comes the furry kaiju Negora in this new kick ass black version, Hachiware!!!

Extremely limited, as usual, please act fast to insure you get one! They're sold out on other sites already!!

* Please note that our figures come in a molded blister box that comes with new specific artwork for every release. This is a tad bit more expensive than just a bag so our price is a couple of dollars more than other shops. But it's worth it for the cool artwork by Konatsu!!
It also looks cool on display in the box which is great for all you collectors who like MIB stuff.

Available here:

We still have a few matching black Shibara's too........the dog Kaiju enemy of Negora!!

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