Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beam Me Up: Star Trek Art show re-cap

Thank you to sooo many people for coming out to the Star Trek Art Show and making it a smashing success. It was such a fun evening of amazing artwork, great friends, and vulcans. A massive 800 = people turned out!!!

Guest curator Kali Fontecchio did an amazing job of wrangling some of the best artists around...many of whom were in attendance.

Rene Auberjonois( Odo, from Deep Space Nine) was on hand to judge the costume contest.

Grilled Cheese Truck was serving up some hot and melty cheese sandwiches.

Romulan Ale was flowing....with the help of very good friends Paul and Leana Rudish.

Even though the show is off the walls, you can still see them online here.


There are still many amazing pieces available.

Here's some pics from the opening reception.


  1. Awesome costumes! Nice crowd!
    Congrats, QPOP!

  2. MAN! One of the few events lately I really wish I would have seen for myself. Thanks for posting the pic's!!