Sunday, February 3, 2013


It's time to boldly go to our tribute art show to one of the biggest sci fi properties in history. Over 80 artists will participate and share their unique takes on the iconic characters from every series and movie.

Participating artists include:

Kelsy Abbott
Oliver Akuin
Aaron Alexovich
Patrick Awa
Jesse Azarian
Nick Bachman
Jay Baker
Eric Bauza
Zach Bellisimo
Tara Billinger
Jessica Borutski
Pete Browngardt
Myke Chilian
Joey Chou
Steven Chunn
Victor Courtright
Cheyenne Curtis
Matt Danner
Kevin Dart
Louie Del Carmen
Yok d'Holbachie
Becky Dreistadt
Brianne Drouhard
Andrew Erekson
Kinoko Evans
Kali Fontecchio
Tiffany Ford
Katelyn Gannon
Doug Gauthier
Ellis Goodson
Natalie Hall
Mark Hammermeister
Glenn Harmon
Kassandra Heller
Marty Ito
Robert Iza
Parker Jacobs
Lincoln Kamm
Seo Kim
Jasmin Lai
Santino Lascano
Carrie Liao
Stuart Livingston
Frank Macchia
Tatsuro Maruyama
Ruriko Maruyama
Aki Morishima
Zoe Moss
Erin McGathy
Scott Morse
Sho Murase
Ryan Nagata
Bryan Newton
HeeJin Park
Michelle Park
Jorsh Pena
Lisa Penney
Deanna Rooney
Paul Rudish
Johnny Ryan
Phil Rynda
Chris Sasaki
Griselda Sastrawinata
Jeremy Sengly
Shawn Dickinson
Andy Suriano
Yukinao Takashima
Matt Taylor
Jack Teagle
Dan Bob Thompson
Shojono Tomo
Lissa Treiman
Michal Wright Ward
Dave Wasson
Wee Little Stitches
Julia Vickerman

and many more

The amazing Grilled Cheese Truck will be present so please please please come hungry!!! Support the trucks so they will come to these, this truck is delicious!!!

Tune in Tokyo will be spinning Star Trek heard right.

Romulan Ale and other refreshments!!

Come in costume...everyone.....because it'll look really cool if there are a bunch of klingons and vulcans, etc running around all night.

AND, there's gonna be a Costume Contest...that may have special guest judges TBA.

Special surprises and special guests???!!! Who KNOWS WHO or WHAT? Not even us!!!

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