Sunday, December 9, 2012


Thank you to everyone who came out to see Tara Billinger's Sloth! show. A special thanks goes out to the Wildlife Learning Center for bringing Lola the Sloth to our store and making the night extra special.

Shrug by Tara Billinger

Bend by Tara Billinger

(left) by Leana Rudish
(right) Before & After by Tara Billinger

Jippo Glider Plush - $25

Sloth Kazoo Plush  - $25

One of many Lola fans

The Manx, warming up

D'awwww...Lola makes our cold hearts melt.

Miki and a sleepy Lola

Too tired to consume corn

More Lola fans

My favorite photo of Lola!

The Sloth and the artist

An excuse to take a picture of Tara's chest.

To view and buy artwork from the show, visit the webstore here.

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